Our Quality

There are many different components associated with the building of a kitchen, bedroom or study. A large amount of these are mass-produced produced using inferior product. At The ARTISAN Kitchen Co, we do not compromise on quality.

  • All cabinetry is 18mm thick throughout (including backs)
  • All cabinetry is assembled at the factory and is supplied ready built
  • All cabinetry is finished with solid PVC edging on all exposed sides (not iron on strips)
  • All cabinetry supplied with high quality German engineered hinges, receivers and draw runners
  • A choice of high quality fascia’s from solid wood, painted, acrylic and lacquered doors
  • All cabinetry and doors are subject to an intensive quality control check before leaving the factory
  • A full complement of work surfaces available from high quality laminates to solid wood, granite and quartz
  • High end appliances available from
    plus many more

We are confident at The ARTISAN Kitchen Co that you cannot improve on the quality we offer